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Rallye Terre de Castine 2022

Customer racing

Customer racing Customer racing Customer racing

For those who dream of taking part in a competitive but cost-conscious series, PEUGEOT SPORT's customer racing department organizes some of the most exciting and rewarding single-brand competitions in motorsport for future racing and rally drivers.

The opportunities offered by PEUGEOT SPORT take place either at the French Championship level or within the framework of independent meetings. Open to competitors of all levels, these series target not only novices looking to gain experience and hone their skills in a reliable car, but also more seasoned drivers who wish to show their talent in a competitive environment.

Attractive prize funds are up for grabs every time. PEUGEOT SPORT’s mission is also to support young drivers in their ascent through the ranks of motorsport to a higher level of competition.

Rallye Touquet 2022

Customer racing

You saw him here first: Lucas Darmezin, Junior winner of the Stellantis Motorsport Rally Cup France


The PEUGEOT 208 RALLY, an international sporting and commercial success


Cameron brings Australian Touch to Le Castellet


Clairet’s early Christmas!


The 208 Rally Cup joins the Stellantis Motorsport Rally Cup

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Hugo Margaillan wins 208 Rally Cup and U29 Title

Loic Duval au Rallye du Var

Loïc Duval to participate in 208 Rally Cup at Rallye du Var.


208 Rally4


Reliability, performances and fun makes this lion a fan-favorite, with already more than 150 cars sold worldwide, in a year.

The PEUGEOT 208 Rally4 is the sucessor to the PEUGEOT 208 R2 : a best-seller and a worldwide reference in terms of two-wheel drive rally cars.

After an intense development programme, in which the car was tested and validated on all types of surfaces and in extreme conditions with experienced drivers, PEUGEOT 208 Rally4 offers an unmatched driving experience and unprecedented performance in the Rally4 class. The active development from PEUGEOT SPORT started in Summer 2018. Developed on the basis of the new PEUGEOT 208 road car, the 208 Rally4 has made the most of all the technical and aesthetic evolutions shown in the road car.

208 Rally4 technical specifications