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Terms and Conditions The Inexhaustible Twitter Thread

Terms and Conditions The Inexhaustible Twitter Thread Terms and Conditions The Inexhaustible Twitter Thread Terms and Conditions The Inexhaustible Twitter Thread

General rules and special conditions for the “Inexhaustible Twitter Thread” competition


I – General regulations – Series of giveaways organized by Peugeot

These “General Regulations” enact and set all the rules applicable to all the announces for each giveaway “Giveaway” belonging to the “Inexhaustible Twitter Thread” operation.

The General Regulations are available on the Peugeot Sport website at the following address:

URL “” during the entire duration of the Operation


The days and times indicated in these rules are those of the time zone (UTC + 01: 00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris. No other time zones will be considered for participation in the Operation.

Participation in the Operation implies the express and unreserved acceptance of the General Regulation in all its stipulations as well as the laws and regulations applicable to the contests in force in France.


Article 1 – Organizer

The organizer hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer” is the company Automobiles Peugeot, a company under French law whose registered office is at 2 Boulevard de l’Europe, POISSY – 78300 – FRANCE and registered at the Commercial Court of Versailles under the number 552 144 503.


Article 2 – General

The Organizer manages accounts on the Twitter social network through which a series of hourly questions will be published in the format of a Twitter Thread constituting together the “Inexhaustible Twitter Thread” competition.

Operation, hereinafter individually referred to as “Giveaway”, or collectively “Operation” or “Giveaways”, aimed at winning the prizes listed in these General Rules for participants who meet the eligibility conditions laid down by the Organizer.

The Operation is free and without any purchase obligation for the participants.

The competition will be put online for a limited period from June, 10th 3pm, 2023 until June, 11th, 2023 5pm inclusive and announced by the Organizer on their Twitter accounts as they occur.

Each Giveaway will be governed by these General Rules, as well as by special conditions “Special Conditions”; which will specify the mechanics of participation, as well as the dates and times of start and end, the number of winners and others, and will appear at the bottom of the said General Regulations. Said Special Conditions applicable to one or more Giveaways will be subject to deletion on the Site as and when required. It being specified that the social network Twitter is in no way linked, associated and/or in charge of the management of the Giveaways.


Article 3 – Terms of participation

3.1 Eligibility criteria

The Giveaways are open to any natural person over 18 years old residing in the European Union or the United Kingdom, with a valid Twitter account, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Only one participation per email address and per household is allowed (same mailing address, same last name, same user account).

Only one entry per Giveaway, per day and per eligible natural person will be accepted.

Are excluded from the participants the staff members of the Organizer, the staff of the partner companies of the Operation and their family.

Family refers to persons residing at the same address, as well as their immediate and / or collateral ascendants and descendants.


3.2 Methods of designation

The Organizer reserves the right to verify compliance with the eligibility criteria with a participant. In the absence of delivery of the supporting documents requested by the Organizer or due to the violation of the criteria, the exclusion of the participant will result in the absence of delivery of the prize won.


The intention of fraud, proven fraud or any attempt to cheat by a participant, in particular by

creating one or more false identities allowing them to register several times for a Giveaway may be sanctioned by the formal and definitive ban on participate in other giveaways, the relevant prize that may be won will not be subject to any discount and actions may be brought against the participant(s) concerned by the Organizer and/or one of its partner companies.


3.3 Cumulative and necessary criteria for participation

Participation in the Giveaway implies the following cumulative Special Conditions:

– to hold an account on the social network concerned;

– to accept the additional conditions of use imposed by the social network concerned;

– the Organizer and its Operation are and will remain third parties to the social networks concerned;

– to have read and unreservedly accepted the General Rules and the Special Conditions set up on each announcement of the Giveaway and which will also be accessible on the Organiser’s website;

– to respect the mechanics described below according to the type of Giveaways concerned.

– to respect the start and end times of each Giveaway.


3.4 Giveaway Mechanics

The Organizer publishes the announcement of the Giveaway on the 10th of June at 3pm on its twitter account @PeugeotSport .

24 posts on its Twitter account (on a Twitter Thread) will contain the instructions of the Giveaway applicable to it, namely 24 questions to which the participant must answer within the time limit set by the Organizer and the terms and conditions for submitting an answer to validate participation. The winner of the competition will be drawn at random after the closing time for participation, from among the participants who have answered all the questions.

The winner will be announced 4 days after the closing of the Giveaway. 15/06/2023


Article 4 – Prizes

Each prize put into play as well as its value are specified for each Giveaway below and in the Special Conditions.


The prizes to be won are as follows.

●        Two general entrance tickets for the 8th and 9th of July for the 6H of Monza on the @PeugeotSport Twitter account. Travel, accommodations and catering expenses are not included) to 6H of Monza.

The value of each lot will not exceed 45€ euros including tax, excluding the cost of sending the lot.


A prize will be strictly personal to the winner and will not be transferable. It may not give rise, on the part of a winner, to any dispute or claim, relating in particular to the delivery of an equivalent prize or its monetary value in cash, nor to a replacement or exchange for any reason whatsoever it would be. The Organizer declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or deterioration, in particular related to the transport of the prize.

If a winner does not appear within ten days from the closing date of the Operation, i.e. June, 21st, 2023, the winner after the foreclosure of said period may not claim the delivery of the prize and may not seek compensation. The Organizer reserves the right to award the prize to a substitute winner chosen by lot.

The prizes may be subject to special conditions of use imposed by the Organizer and/or one of its partners, suppliers, distributors or sellers, which it is up to each winner to accept and respect. If applicable, the special conditions will be communicated to the winners by information email referred to in Article 5.

The Organizer will bear the cost of sending the prize by parcel to the participant’s postal address. The winner will be solely responsible for any travel, accommodation and/or catering costs or any other costs related to the use of the prize.


Article 5 – Information of the winners

The winner will be announced xxx after the closing of the Giveaway. 15/06/2023

Each winner will be informed on the email address that he will have communicated beforehand and will receive on this occasion all the practical information and the special conditions of use of the prize.

Any winner who does not respond to the information email before June, 21st, 2023, will be deemed to have waived the award of the prize and the prize may be awarded to an alternate winner drawn at random or not be the subject of any discount the Organizer’s discretion.

The precise date of information of the winner of each Giveaway is communicated in the Special Conditions.


Article 6 – Verification of identity

By participating, each natural person accepts any verification of their identity by the Organiser. Any fraudulent, misleading, incorrect or incomplete identity results in the exclusion of the participant.

The Organizer cannot under any circumstances be held liable in the event of identity theft or any other act of deception by one of the participants regarding his identity.


Article 7 – Processing of personal data

The Organizer is responsible for the processing of the personal data of the participants, within the meaning of the European regulation relating to the protection of personal data (“RGPD”)


The purpose of the processing is the proper management of the Giveaway in which the user has chosen to participate.

For participation in the Giveaways, the Organizer needs to collect and process: surname and first name, date of birth, telephone number, postal address and email address.

Without this data, participation in the Giveaways and the awarding of prizes are impossible.

This data is only intended for the services of the Organizer and its possible subcontractors. The Organizer only processes the data thus collected for the duration of the said Giveaway.

The data subject has the following rights:

• a right of access to information concerning you, in order to verify its accuracy and, if necessary, to request its rectification, to complete it, to update it.

• a right of opposition: right to object at any time to the processing of your data. The exercise of this right entails the withdrawal of participation in the Giveaway.

• a right to limit data processing: right to temporarily block the use of your data: no operation can be carried out on them.

If you wish to exercise these rights and obtain information about yourself, you can write to Peugeot Sport, The Inexhaustible Twitter Thread, 19 alley of Marronniers 78035 Versailles, Satory.

In the event of difficulty in exercising your rights, you can also contact our Data Protection Officer by post (Peugeot Sport Data Protection Officer 19 allée des Marronniers 78035 Versailles).

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés – CNIL – the French authority for the protection of personal data, 3 Place de Fontenoy – TSA 80715, 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07 or online on

All personal data collected will be destroyed once the batches have been sent.


Article 8 – Liability

The Organizer shall not be liable in the event of malicious intervention, connection problems,

hardware or software problems, disturbances external to the Organizer which could affect the

smooth running of the Giveaways. In particular, the Organizer does not offer any guarantee in

connection with the social network. Participation in these Giveaways implies knowledge and

acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet and the Twitter social network, the lack of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation or hacking and against the risk of contamination by possible viruses.

The Organizer reserves the right to interrupt, postpone, modify, shorten, extend or cancel the

Giveaways if the circumstances so require (in particular if the smooth administrative and technical running of the Giveaways is disrupted by a virus, computer bug, unauthorized human intervention or any other cause beyond the control of the Organizer, etc). Its responsibility cannot be engaged as a result.

If the prizes are sent by post, the Organizer does not provide any guarantee and takes no

responsibility or obligation with respect to the prizes other than that of sending them to the winners.

In this respect, the Organizer cannot under any circumstances be held liable in the event of loss and/or deterioration of the prize(s) by La Poste or by any postal transport company or in the event of defective operation of the services. La Poste or any postal transport company, as well as in the event of malfunctioning of the Internet network, telephone lines, reception equipment preventing the proper delivery of e-mails.

The Organizer declines all responsibility for any incidents and accidents that may happen to the winners during the enjoyment of their prizes or which may affect said prizes.


Article 9 – Application of the rules

Participation in the Giveaways implies full and unreserved acceptance of the General Rules and the Special Conditions.

No oral or telephone request concerning the interpretation or application of the General Regulations and the Special Conditions will be answered.

Any dispute or claim relating to these Giveaways must be made in writing and cannot be taken into consideration beyond the period of one month from the closing date of each Giveaway.

Any disputed interpretation of the General Regulations and the Special Conditions, as well as all cases not provided for, will be decided by the Organiser.

The conduct of the Giveaways and the interpretation of the General Regulations and the Special Conditions are subject to French law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.

Any fraud or non-compliance with the General Regulations and/or the Special Conditions may result in exclusion from the Giveaways, the Organizer reserving, if necessary, the right to take legal action against it.


Article 10 – Reimbursement of participation fees

Reimbursement of connection costs incurred for participation in the Giveaways will be reimbursed on simple written request to the address indicated above and accompanied by a copy of the supporting invoice(s) as well as the following information: dates, times and durations of connection to the Peugeot Sport Site. Reimbursement will be made on the basis of a local communication at a reduced rate, for a duration which cannot exceed ten minutes. This refund only concerns participants who do not have an internet subscription of unlimited duration. The request for reimbursement must be sent by simple mail to the above address accompanied by the bank details of the holder of the Internet subscription and proof of the participant’s Internet subscription.

Any request for reimbursement, in particular unfounded, incomplete, illegible, with inaccurate

contact details or insufficient postage will not be accepted.

Any request for reimbursement received by e-mail will not be taken into account.

Only one reimbursement request per household will be taken into account.

No refund request will be honored after a period of fifteen calendar days from the closing date of each Giveaway.


Article 11 – Availability of the rules

The General Rules and/or the Special Conditions specific to each Giveaway are freely accessible at this internet address[1] . No paper mailing will be made by the Organiser.


II – Special Conditions

Said special conditions “Special Conditions” refer, supplement and/or recall the provisions of the General Regulations above.

The “Inexhaustible Twitter Thread” Operation is part of a communication action by Automobiles Peugeot to reward fans with knowledge of the Organiser, its activities, its drivers and its partners.

The Operation can be accessed on the following Twitter account: @peugeotsportofficial

Time limit for participation: from the publication of the Giveaway in the form of questions from June, 10th 3pm, 2023 until June, 11th, 2023 5pm inclusive. Participants have until 5pm on the 11th of June 2023 to submit their answers according to the terms described in the General Regulations.

Each winner will be drawn at random from among the participants who answered each of the 24 questions.